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The Paris region has been hosting productions for 120 years. As the leading location for filming, benefit from the experience of a region that has all the human skills, locations and cutting-edge technologies you need.

Film Paris Region carries out a wide range of actions to support foreign producers throughout their next projects in the Paris region:


Webinars: Discover the Paris Region ecosystem

Learn all about the Paris region in 30 minutes: the Film Co-Production Fund, the Tax Credit for International Productions (TRIP), filming locations, technicians, rental companies, special effects and post-production studios.
Check our schedule for upcoming webinars.


BtoB meetings

You have a TV unit, Series or Film project. You want to discuss local grants and feasibility; you are looking for a local co-production partner; you have questions about COVID-19 and the current French restrictions. Schedule an online meeting with us! We can answer all your questions and get back to you in no time.


International Film Markets

All year round, meet us during major international markets, online or face-to-face, to get details about all our most successful incentives and local assets. Plan meetings ahead of time; watch out for our online presentations; follow our International Co-Production Meetings programmed online during these film markets.
Check out our schedule!


International co-production meetings

Are you a non-French producer with a project you believe in, looking for a French partner to reach the French and European markets?
We organize several International Co-production Meetings all year round with different countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Korea, USA, Indonesia, Singapore and more. Respond to the call for projects for a chance of being selected to join!

Find out more about the co-production meetings we organize

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First scouting location

If your project is in the middle of the production process, you will need to guarantee the availability of the locations corresponding to the script. Send us your list and we will provide you with a picture book of the locations you have identified or are looking for, all with production details: Does the building you have identified host filming or not? Under what conditions? Are there more accessible, less demanding alternatives? Try us, this is the heart of our business!



If you have a confirmed (or almost) project planned in the Paris region, and have scheduled a 3-4 day stay to settle financial and operational aspects, please let us know! We can assist you with all key steps of your stay: scheduling key meetings, booking hotels and transportation, answering to all of your questions.