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Green Screen

Improving the practices of the European audiovisual industry

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Funded by Interreg Europe, Green Screen is a project that is implemented in eight regions of the European Union and will last from 2017 to 2021.

The Green Screen project aims to standardize the environmental practices of the film and audiovisual industries located in Europe and improve regional policies on sustainable development in the sector.

The partners associated with the project are:

  • Film London (United Kingdom)
  • Choose Paris Region via Film Paris Region (France)
  • Bucharest Regional Development Agency Ilfov (Romania)
  • Flanders Audiovisual Fund (Belgium)
  • Municipality of Ystad (Sweden)
  • Municipal Company of Initiatives of Malaga S.A. • Promlaga (Spain)
  • Regional Development Agency of Rzeszow (Poland)
  • Slovak Film Commission (Slovakia)

Within Green Screen, Film Paris Region is focusing on the identification of green innovations that are applicable to the audiovisual sector and the methodology of the carbon calculator compared at the European level.
Green-Screen is a member of Ciné-Regio, a group of 15 regional film funds across Europe.

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