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The Ecoprod association, founded in 2009 by Film Paris Region and several major stakeholders in the audiovisual sector, raises awareness and supports film and audiovisual professionals in the field of eco-responsibility.

Ecoprod is first of all a group created in 2009 at the initiative of the Paris Region Film Commission, Paris Region and the TF1 group, with the support of the French National Center for Cinema. It aims to encourage and unite all the stakeholders in the film and audiovisual sector around virtuous environmental practices.

  • Unite professionals thanks to cooperation with institutions in France and in Europe, and the latter's support in terms of implementing regulations and standards.
  • Prospect and raise awareness: based on studies and the search for solutions and innovations in the field of ecoproduction, the association organizes meetings and workshops for professionals and students.
  • Provide professionals with practical and up-to-date tools in order to reduce the ecological footprint of their activities in a sustainable way, including: an Ecoproduction Guide containing a non-exhaustive list of good practices upstream, during and downstream of filming; fact sheets giving concrete tips for reducing one's carbon footprint effectively and at a lower cost.

The association also wishes to create an Ecoprod index based on eco-criteria to certify eco-responsible productions and highlight the efforts made.

In addition to the 6 founding members, Ecoprod has welcomed new members who want to get involved in ecoproduction issues. 

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